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Caregiver Coordination

Caregiver Coordination Services organize, detail and monitor any service your loved one might need….


Family Caregiver Training

We hold workshops on understanding the family dynamics of caregiving and sometimes take a more direct approach to help a family sort through the options and challenges of caregiving


Employee Caregiver Assistance

Provide Employees with a resource to help them maintain productivity in their job and give them assistance and practical resources in caring for their loved ones



Whether you are caring for a family member, neighbor, friend or client - The Caregiver Foundation is the first stop you need to take on your caregiving journey.

The Foundation exists to make that journey of service more meaningful for you and more satisfying for your loved one. Caregiving for your loved ones involves much more than most people realize.

Caregiving is never simple or easy and involves literally every aspect of your life. The Caregiver Foundation was formed to help you gain the skills and emotional support you need to provide care with excellence, compassion and stability. And to provide practical solutions and support for those needing care.  Coordinating care and resources, providing financial management of resources (like bill paying and more), serving as Guardian and/or Conservator, managing Special Needs or Supplemental Needs Trusts, helping families plan for care and minimize inter-personal conflicts… Just some of the many services available through The Caregiver Foundation.  Call 808-625-3782 for more information.

Finding help

Who You Gonna Call?   

Caregivers often echo the words of Einstein who explained that the more he learned he realized how much more there was to discover. Most Caregivers, however, do themselves and their care receivers a diservice by not seeking out new or better ways of providing care. The Caregiver Foundation tries to keep new ideas and products highglighted through our BLOG and through the Caregiver Support Groups. If you have not “liked” our Facebook BLOG, catch up today. And if you are not a participant in one of the Support Groups, call for the group nearest you!