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“Seniors have always been an integral part of my life. I began caregiving as a 13 year old helping to care for my Grandfather who had suffered a series of strokes. He helped me understand that the most difficult part of aging is often the loss of personal dignity. I started The Caregiver Foundation in part to provide services and support to Seniors and disabled adults in ways that allowed them to feel validated and respected. I want to set an example for caring services to preserve dignity, enable independence, and promote acceptance in all facets of life.

Caregiving is never simple or easy and involves literally every aspect of your life. The Caregiver Foundation was formed to help you gain the skills and emotional support you need to provide care with excellence, compassion and stability. And to provide practical solutions and support for those needing care.  Call us at 808-625-3782 for more information.”

-Gary A. Powell, Founder and Executive Director

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Falls are the most common reason for Emergency Room visits by Seniors. While some falls might happen as the result of freakish situations (i.e. a coconut careening down) the overwhelming majority of them are predictable and preventable. Here are the top 4 areas of concern:
1. Medications - many medications have dizziness as a side effect. getting up more slowly can help to limit that condition.
2. Lighting - that romantic mood lighting you enjoyed so much in years past is now downright dangerous. As vision declines, shadows increase and you just cannot see what is in front of you!
3. Footwear - Slippers are not the best thing for a Senior to wear. Well fitted shoes or sandals with back straps are much safer.
4. Stubbornness - refusing to make use of tried and trusted independence aids such as walkers, canes, grab bars, lift seats etc. etc. is simply not smart. If you have a tendency to tip or fall, ask yourself "Is being stubborn about this worth the likelihood of winding up in bed from injuries sustained in a preventable fall?"

For more information about falls visit thecaregiverfoundation.org/?s=falls
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