Pūlama Aloha

The Caregiver Foundation’s Pūlama Aloha program provides a unique charitable giving option for everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. We serve local seniors and disabled adults in the community to find appropriate care services, legal and financial management, and counseling and training in caregiving. However, to help Hawaii’s seniors and disabled adults without financial means for caregiving, The Caregiver Foundation is asking for your help.

What does Pūlama Aloha do?

Pūlama Aloha helps Seniors and Disabled Adults with limited or no means, access services, care coordination, financial management, legal representation through Guardianship and/or Conservatorship and provide educational outreach to all of Hawaii’s communities.
Pūlama Aloha is funded by direct gifts, fundraising campaigns and allows you to make a Planned Gift in your Estate Plan to help The Caregiver Foundation well beyond your lifetime. Planned Gifts made to The Caregiver Foundation will be used to help the seniors and disabled adults most in need of caregiving services and to secure the sustainability and a sound financial foundation for the organization in the years ahead.
Pūlama Aloha means to care for, cherish, and to treasure love.

What is a Planned Gift?

There are many types of Planned Gift, but each is made as part of your overall financial or estate plan. These gifts are listed as bequests in your will or trust and can be used to benefit you and your loved ones now or to benefit The Caregiver Foundation’s Pūlama Aloha program at a later time.
Planned Gifts include:

  • Cash bequests
  • Stock
  • Real estate (i.e. property)
  • Insurance policies
  • Personal property
  • An IRA
  • Assets in a pension plan

In each case, the size of your estate does not matter. As long as the Planned Gift reflects your personal financial and charitable objectives, and your will or trust is up-to-date, the Gift will continue to support your loved ones or The Caregiver Foundation. Most Planned Gifts are also good for current charitable tax deduction.

What is a Cash Bequest?

When you make a cash bequest in your will or trust, you are making a decision to have The Caregiver Foundation receive a specific dollar amount upon your death. Your money will still be available to you during your lifetime, but, upon your death, some of that money will benefit The Caregiver Foundation’s numerous programs. (If you specify a contingent bequest, the organization will only be awarded said bequest in the event of the death of other beneficiaries, e.g. children or grandchildren.)
For example, a cash bequest for specific assets, such as real estate, would either be managed or sold — a low-income client could use a Planned Gift of an apartment OR The Caregiver Foundation could sell these assets and use the proceeds to support low-income clients in other ways.
You can also designate The Caregiver Foundation as the beneficiary of the remainder of your IRA, Keogh, tax-sheltered annuity, qualified pension, or profit-sharing plan.
When outright gifts are not practical, you might consider other options, such as specially planned trusts, to help you accomplish your goals. We strongly suggest consulting an attorney or accountant to design a giving strategy that best meets your needs.

When Should I Make a Planned Gift?

Now is the best time! You can include The Caregiver Foundation at the time you write your will/trust, if you create a new will/trust, or if you modify your present will/trust. To bequeath money or property to our organization, you and your organization may find the following language helpful:
I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to THE CAREGIVER FOUNDATION in Hawaii, for its general purposes ___ (dollars or percent) of all the rest, residue, and remainder of my Estate after all other bequests have been made.

Why Should I Donate a Planned Gift to The Caregiver Foundation’s Pūlama Aloha?

Working together, you can help The Caregiver Foundation build on their original promise to serve seniors and disabled adults and create the means to sustain that vital work for generations to come. Your donation of a Planned Gift will allow you to share your values beyond your lifespan, ensuring the services which you now enjoy will still be available to your children and grandchildren. We promise that your Planned Gift will stay local, as well, providing vital community support on all Hawaiian Islands when and where support is most needed. Your help will also address one of Hawaii’s most challenging issues: the growth in our senior population and their increased longevity, which means more caregiving services are needed for much longer periods of time.
If your current financial situation makes it difficult to make a Planned Gift, leaving a bequest in your will or trust allows you to donate after your passing. Planned Giving also offers you and your heirs significant tax benefits, while directing a portion of your estate to a charity you deem worthy of support.

Who can help me incorporate a Planned Gift in my will or trust?

Please consult your attorney on how best to incorporate The Caregiver Foundation and the Pūlama Aloha Legacy Society into your estate plan. Our staff would also be happy to speak to you and your legal adviser about our programs and the phrasing of any specific bequests you may have in mind. All inquiries are confidential and place you under no obligation.
We thank you for your consideration of a Planned Gift to Pūlama Aloha. Let us know about your special gift by contacting our office at (808) 625-3782. We would like to thank you personally.