Knowing that everyone will face an end at some point in their lives makes it important for each of us to consider how we would prefer to be treated during our last days.   When we are caregiving, sometimes these decisions fall squarely on our shoulders. Communicating with our loved ones while they are still able to express their wishes is the ideal. A living will or advanced care directive is of significant help. But when wishes are not known and cannot be communicated, decisions will have to be made without their help.

According to Hospice Hawaii, hospice is care given to persons with terminal illness who are not expected to live 6 more months. The goal of hospice is to provide care and support to help the individual live as full and comfortable a life as possible. Hospice provides pain management and relief from symptoms during the last months of life. Hospice works with the patient and also with the family. Some of the services are

  • Nursing care (focused on comfort and relief from pain)
  • 24 on-call registered nurse
  • Assistance with patient’s personal hygiene
  • Emotional and Spiritual support for patients and their families
  • Assistance in ordering medical supplies and equipment
  • Training and support for family members caring for a loved one
  • Assistance with respite care, companionship, meal preparation, errands and direct patient care (using the services of trained volunteers)
  • Spiritual counseling for all faiths
  • Bereavement counseling and support for surviving family members
  • Assistance with benefit application and documents (advanced health directives etc.)

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