How To Balance Work and Caregiving (Employers): Through TCF

Caregivers are most vulnerable when trying to juggle the concerns of caregiving for a loved one and managing the needs of a job position. This may manifest in constant interruptions by phone calls, emergency absences, extended vacations, and an understandable but overwhelming focus on caregiving responsibilities.

Just as the needs of valuable employees who have been compromised by drug or alcohol addiction, anger issues, and gambling addictions are addressed by third party providers of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), the needs of caregivers can be addressed through a subscription to The Caregiver Foundation’s Employee Assistance Program.

For the cost of a few cups of coffee, this service can be made available to your employees to provide them with a resource that helps them maintain productivity on the job and allow them assistance and practical support in caring for their loved ones.

A web-based program, the Employee Caregiver Assistance Program is supplemented with on-site monthly visits to conduct workshops or hold one-on-one appointments at management’s discretion.

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