Senior Safety

Aging brings with it a host of uncertainties. The physical space for living can become hazardous even though it may be the same space always lived in. What was designed for use at age 20, 30, 50, even 60 may now be contributing to a less safe environment.
There are many areas of concern when we think about safe environments. How safe is the home in all rooms: bedroom, kitchen, dining area, living room, bathroom and shower? If a nursing facility or adult day care center is to be involved, how do you measure safety in those places? What about having a safe financial environment? As improbable as it may seem, everyone involved in the caregiving process needs to plan for the care recipient’s personal safety.
If you asked people where they would like to spend their elder years , most would tell you “in my home”. But staying in homes may be less of an option as we age simply due to the physical condition and design of the living space. Check out some of the following featured links and see if you can plan a safer and more livable environment or you loved ones and make “aging in place” a reality in your family.

Financial Safety