Daily Money Management

Let us help you and your loved ones maintain their independence and relieve them of the day-to-day stress of managing finances.

What is Daily Money Management?

The Caregiver Foundation provides professional assistance with day-to-day financial matters such as:

  • Bill-paying, including resolving incorrect bills
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Generating tax information
  • Budgeting and cash flow planning
  • Medical insurance processing
  • Maintaining financial records
  • Managing income sources
  • General organizational assistance
  • Providing coordination with legal, tax, and investment professionals

Our experienced financial professionals work with your accounting, legal, investment, or social service professionals to manage your day-to-day financial matters.

Fees are based on the level of work involved but charged on a flat-rate basis. Standard Bill-Paying services are $130/month (services outside of normal procedures are addressed before service and have other fees associated).

Who can benefit from Daily Money Management?

These services are meant to help senior citizens, families looking to minimize conflicts over money, people with physical/medical issues that make it difficult to keep up with financial affairs, and (Special Needs) Trustees, Guardians, and Conservators.

Why should you choose The Caregiver Foundation?

The Caregiver Foundation holds membership with the American Association of Daily Money Managers and uses up-to-date accounting software, professional consultations and audits with Certified Public Accountants, and professional liability and malpractice insurance. We are also available to address other financial, legal, or caregiving needs as they arise.

Contact The Caregiver Foundation for more information at (808) 625-3782 or email us.