Family Caregiving Planning

Sorting through the options and pressures of caregiving or finding caregivers can be a challenge, especially if you are planning care for a loved one as a family. While TCF also offers workshops on the family dynamics of caregiving, you may also benefit from a more direct approach: Our Family Caregiving Planning services.

What is Family Caregiving Planning?

Our planning services consist of a two-hour meeting with as many family members as possible. Our trained facilitator works with the family to lay out a framework for a care plan. Additional meetings may be required to develop a workable plan. We can help you:

  • Express individual feelings and expectations
  • Brainstorm solutions to various issues
  • Combine ideas and opportunities
  • Mediate potential disagreements or concerns
  • Analyze information
  • Compile recommendations
  • Provide a step-by-step guide for caregiving implementation

Follow-up sessions and continued contact are encouraged via our facilitators.

To make arrangements for a planning session for yourself or your family, contact or call us at (808) 625-3782.