Home Organizing Services

Whether it is simply helping you “get to” all those files and boxes you been meaning to take care of or providing a complete organizing service for your home or office, The Caregiver Foundation has trained professionals who know how to sort, discard and organize for you.

Residential Organizing

  • creating an organizing plan for your home
  • developing filing systems and storage solutions
  • cleaning out garages, storage areas and unused areas of the home
  • removing unwanted items and handling donation items

Vital Records Organizing

  • cataloging important records and documents
  • developing filing and retrieval systems
  • identifying missing documents and needed updates of existing records (i.e. wills, advanced health directives etc.)
  • where appropriate, assisting with establishment of ‘cloud-based’ computer backup files

Relocation / Moving

  • organizing the moving process
  • assist in downsizing decisions
  • coordinate and oversee moving companies
  • assist in packing / unpacking
  • coordinate with real estate managers and housing agents
  • arranging storage facilities
  • organizing and establishing new residence
  • handling all phases of Senior moves

Estate Organizing

  • providing hands-on inventory and review of all property
  • locate and identify specific items as requested by Trustee
  • locate and sort items intended for specific beneficiaries
  • arrange for storage facilities
  • prepare and pack items for storage, distribution or sale
  • coordinate with auction, estate sale and transportation companies
  • handle donation of items
  • coordinate final distribution of items
  • coordinate cleaning and closing of home
  • other services as needed

Services available to:

  • Fiduciaries,
  • Conservators,
  • Guardians,
  • Trustees,
  • Case Managers,
  • Government Officials, and
  • Families