Managing or setting up a trust can be a hassle, but The Caregiver Foundation is here to help!
We offer cost-effective Trust Administration services to ensure that your trust continues to be handled properly in the event or your incapacitation or death.

What are The Caregiver Foundation’s Trust Administration services?

The Caregiver Foundation can:

  • Refer you to one of the trusted attorneys we work with on a regular basis to establish a trust, will, and/or Advanced Health Care and Mental Health Care directive
  • Perform daily management of your trust to ensure that your trust is handled properly and free of financial exploitation
  • Serve as Successor Trustee in the event of your incapacitation or death


Why should I choose The Caregiver Foundation as my Successor Trustee?

Many people complete trusts but do not keep the naming of a Successor Trustee up-to-date or the name a family member as Successor Trustee without carefully considering that relative’s level of expertise and commitment required to properly manage a trust. Alternatively, leaving a large trust company in charge of your trust can mean substantial management fees.
The Caregiver Foundation serves as Successor Trustee at low cost and high efficiency. We can also tie-in our supplementary services of long-term care planning and placement, daily money management, and care coordination. Using a system of annual reviews and diligent set-up procedures, The Caregiver Foundation will be a trusted backup for all the plans you have in place.
Call us today at (808) 625-3782 or email us for more details.