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The Family Caregiver Alliance, a national center on caregiving, estimates that 44 million Americans, age 18 and older, provide unpaid assistance and support to elderly and/or disabled adults. Many people are unprepared to take on the sudden role of caregiver for loved ones and it is easy to become overwhelmed by the time and effort required in daily caregiving.
The Caregiver Foundation would like to be your resource for caregiving planning and education. Learn more about caregiving issues and more by clicking on the links below.


Learn more about what to expect from the aging process and how to make it both rewarding and comfortable.


Determine the level of care that you or a loved one may need and learn about the financial costs of each. TCF can also assist you with organizing personal care services.

Financing Care Costs

Find out how you and your loved ones can plan for affordable, quality (long-term) care.

How-To Series

TCF covers a variety of caregiving issues for caregivers, elderly and disabled adults in need of care, and their families: How do you balance work and caregiving? How do you give loved ones a bath for the first time? How do you discuss caregiving as a family? Learn the answer to these and more!

Mental Illnesses


Senior Safety

Learn how you can create a safe environment for your aging or disabled loved ones, from fall safety to financial safety, using our checklists and How-To’s!

Support Groups

Caregiving takes significant time and effort. Are you a professional caregiver or caregiver to a loved one? TCF provides resources on reducing caregiver stress. Join a caregiver support group. You are not alone.

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